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Nicole Thompson

Nikki is the founder and owner of Gymniks Gymnastics. She is the Gymniks Competitive Team's coach. Nikki has grown up in and around the sport of gymnastics. She trained for 11 years as a competitive gymnast with a local gym. Due to a back injury, she had to give up competitive gymnastics, but excelled at all school sports due to her gymnastics background. Following high school, she began college at West Virginia University Parkersburg, majoring in education. She taught gymnastics part-time for local gymnastics programs while attending college. Nikki decided to open her own gymnastics club, to bring the nurturing, positive gymnastics environment to the students that she had grown to love. With the love, support and help of family, friends and many loyal students, Nikki opened Gymniks in the fall of 1995. Her competitive team was launched in 1998 and took 2nd in the State Championships in their first year! One year later, they took 1st place. Nikki's commitment to providing an exceptional gymnastics program for her students is apparent, and is reflected by the award winning teams Gymniks produces each year.  Her love for kids and exceptional knowledge of the sport is what makes Gymniks the top rate facility it is today.

When Nikki is not at the gym, she enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 beautiful children; Sophie Grace and Toby Ryan.


Connie Barnes

Shortly after Gymniks Gymnastics became a reality, Nikki turned to her mom, Connie, for help. The record keeping and instruction of classes for this fast-growing gymnastics club was proving to be a challenge. Connie had coached gymnastics for nine of the eleven years Nikki had been in gymnastics training, so her inclusion in Gymniks' staff was an ideal choice. With the development of the Gymniks' competitive team in 1998, Nikki turned to Connie again because of her coaching experience and 10 years experience as a competitive gymnastics judge. Connie's gymnastics judging included state, regional, and collegiate meets. Additionally, Connie had studied dance for 9 years, so her ability to develop and choreograph floor and beam routines for the optional gymnasts and her knowledge of judging techniques made her an obvious choice as a competitive team coach. By 2000, the competitive team had grown, as had the gymnastics club. Connie currently helps coach the competitive team. 


Natalie Kunze

Natalie Kunze has been a part of the Gymniks family since the beginning. When Nikki, her sister, opened Gymniks in November of 1995 she was only a freshman in high school. She taught along side her sister and learned the ropes of the business. Since the beginning of the gym she been involved in anything from the coaching of competitive athletes to working classes and birthday parties. She grew up around gymnastics so when her sister opened her own gym it became a second home. "I have seen hundereds of young women grow up in the gym and I am so proud of what this business has done for so many kids in the area.  My background in gymnastics and cheerleading has helped me be a resource to the business.  I am a former Ohio State University cheerleader (O-H!) and ran a competitive all-star cheerleading program Tri-City Tops for 7 years (2001-2008).  My memories from those years will be a treasure I will always cherish!  I loved my athletes and miss my TCT cheer family dearly." Natalie is married to John Kunze and has a beautiful little girl name Kinley. She is the head coach of the Marietta College cheerleading program and works with the Gymniks Competitive Team, teaches some recreational classes, and occassionally does private lessons.

"I LOVE Gymniks because it stands for what my family believes.  Because it was a veture my sister began at the young age of 21 years old, she has never had to do it alone.  From the support of my late grandfather "Lefty" to get her business up and running to the weekends my mother and father have spent at gymnastics meets, this gym has stood for more than being a successful gymnast.  It stands for what my family believes in and that is you never loose what you invest (be it time or money) when you spend it bettering the lives of young people. Gymnastics just happened to be the tool we use but our mission is more than gymnastics success, it is to see them become amazing adults!"


Liz Nulter

Liz Nulter is a coach of the Competitive Team and also teaches some classes and does private lessons. She is also the recreational gymnastics and tumbling class manager. She was once a student at Gymniks and was on the competitive team for a few years. She helped teach at Gymniks throughout her highschool years. Liz recieved a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education and then returned to Gymniks to teach what she loves! 


Angela Way

Angela has been a vital part of Gymniks as both a gymnastics and tumbling instructor since she was old enough to work.  Angela graduated from PHS in 2000 where she was also a Big Red cheerleader.  She pursued her education at the University of Charleston where she received a track and field scholarship.  She married Chris Way in 2004 and has been busy raising their three wonderful kids.  Angela is the Head Tumbling Coach at our 46th street tumbling gym. 


Lynn Johnson

Lynn Johnson teaches our recreational gymnastics classes and also helps coach the competitive team. She is also a teacher at Saint Mary's High School. 


Jaime Morgan

Jaime Morgan was a Gymniks Gymnast throughout her entire life. She competed for Gymniks from the age of 6 till she was 18, and made it all the way to Level 10. She is currently in college, and teaches recreational gymnastics classes and helps with the team. 


Joseph Tisdale

Joseph Tisdale was a gymnast throughout his childhood. He currently teaches tumbling, recreational gymnastics classes, and helps out with our competitive team. 


Addie Barnes

Addie Barnes is the niece of Nikki Thompson, and Natalie Kunze, and the granddaughter of Connie Barnes. She competed for Gymniks until level 7, and is currently in college. She teaches some recreational classes and helps with the competitive team. 

Staff - 1 to 9 of 9